Easter is fast approaching, and today we even have some sun making an appearance!  Yes, the evenings are getting longer and birds are singing.  We have been spending a lot of time enjoying watching the squirrels from the window, dashing about and feeding themselves up.

Indeed, spring is a magical time here in rural Devon.  A time when leaves start to sprout and the cold, barren winter starts to be erased.  Nature is very active at this time, with wildlife coming out of hiberation and babies being born.  The spirit of rebirth celebrated by all at Easter is extremely evident here in the countryside.

These days, of course, Easter has been slightly distilled, being more about chocolate and a day off than anything else.  And while we love chocolate (and a day off!) as much as the next person, we do think that Easter should be celebrated much more than it is.  Obviously, not everybody wishes to revel in the religious festivities, but here in the country, Easter is just as much a celebration of spring, new life and renewal, that anybody can get involved in.  And the extra time off allows us a bit of extra precious time to spend with those that we hold the most dear, and we think that is a cause for joy.

Why not purchase one of our Easter Hampers as a delicious alternative to that hastily purchased chocolate egg from the supermarket?  We guarantee it will be filled with much more good stuff, and we have specially designed them to be shared and enjoyed by the whole family!  Take a look...

Lent Indulgence Hamper



Did you give up sweet treats for lent?  Or maybe that new year diet is going well?  We think you should enjoy just a little Devonshire decadence as a reward!  This hamper contains everything you need to make a 'proper' Devon cream tea, but also includes some shortbread for dunking a little later and some delicious clotted cream fudge for even later still.  All packed in, this hamper would be lovely to enjoy some family time either outdoors if the sun shines or sat around the table if not!

Easter Chocolate Treat Hamper



Of course, for some of us, it's not Easter without chocolate!  This hamper is every chocoholics dream!  Allowing you to not only eat the fabulous handmade Chocolate Heaven truffles and Willie's authentic cacao but also drink it in the form of this velvety Lyme's Bay Chocolate Orange Cream Liqueur.  There's even some locally produced chocolate chunk shortbread to go with your tea in the evening.  This hamper is sure to keep your sugar cravings at bay for a while.

Easter Selection Box


For the family that celebrate their differences.  This hamper is the perfect solution if you want to enjoy our Devon produce together as a family this Easter, but you all have varying tastes.  With savoury Kracklecorn, spicy ginger cookies, zesty orange pudding, and smooth chocolates, this hamper has the ideal treat to finish a meal for every member of the family!

However you decide to spend your Easter together, we do hope that you have a great time and enjoy every moment together.  How will you be spending your Easter? Let us know by leaving us a comment below, or catch up with us on FacebookTwitterGoogle+ or Pinterest


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Sadie Woolcock

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