It's that time of year again...

Sunday 15th June is a date that some us have been dreading for months!  We love our Dads dearly, but they can be so difficult to buy for, just getting a small token of your appreciation can seem like a mammoth task!

Dear old Dad.  We love you, and despite your protestations, we do want to buy you something.  Just something to show you we care.  Something you can appreciate and enjoy.  Oh, we know when we ask, you'll say you don't need anything.  Well, you don't have to need it (frankly, we don't want to buy you socks anyway!) just give us a clue, please!  All we want is to put a smile, however briefly, on your face for Father's Day.  And if Father's Day isn't the time for us to show you how much we care, then when is?

Nope.  Even if you've thought of putting all that sentiment to Dad, those of us that already have will tell you it's a waste of time.  You'll either get told that he could maybe use some new pants or "Well, just buy me a card then."

Harrummpph.  This is clearly where our stubbornness comes from.

No, Dad.  We will be getting you a Father's Day Gift.  And it will be great.  It will put a smile on your face, and you will love it.

Because we have this exact argument every year with our own Dads, we've created some grump-proof hampers full of delicious produce from Devon that will please even the Fathers that 'already have it all'.

The Father's Day Indulgence Hamper


Perfect for a good hearty snack break.  This hamper contains two Chunk Steak Pasties, some real dark chocolate as a sweet, and a real Devon ale and cider to wash them all down with.  The Dad of simple tastes is sure to love this little gem, and there should be no moaning that it's too extravagant but plenty of lip-smacking noises as he enjoys our very finest Devon produce.

Dad's Ales Hamper


Whether Dad is already an ale enthusiast or just enjoys trying new brews from around the world, this hamper is sure to thrill.  Filled with a selection of real ales from the microbreweries dotted about the hills and valleys of Devon, this hamper is an expedition for the tastebuds.

Father's Day Cider & Cheese Feast


If your Dad is more of a cheese connoisseur, why not indulge his passion for all things savoury with this huge hamper, filled with a selection of Devonshire dairy cheeses, our very own fruit pastes and biscuit accompaniments to suit them perfectly and real Devon Ciders from around the region.  The authentic, sharp taste of the apples makes for a truly Devon taste sensation!

Are none of these featured hampers quite the right fit for your, rather particular, Dad? Not to worry!  We have even more Father's Day Hampers to choose from here:

Father's Day Hampers from Devon


And if they are still not quite right?  Then why not make your own hamper?  It's easy to do!  Simply pick the Devon Produce you want included, choose your hamper and let us deliver! You can order right up until Wednesday 11th June!

Seriously though, we do love our dear old Dad's, in spite of the headache of trying to get the perfect gift to please them!  And we hope that you and your Dad have a fabulous Father's Day together.  

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Sadie Woolcock

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