Those of us in the South West are no stranger to the controversy of the great cream tea debate that rages on and on between Devon and Cornwall.  Our somewhat belligerent Cornish neighbours have caused outrage by trying to steal The Devon Cream Tea and claim it as their own!

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The Devonshire Cream Tea is first recorded in historical texts, as a snack served by monks in Tavistock Abbey in the 11th Century.

The Cornish refute this with such venom, that our Devonshire brethern have had to take drastic action to protect our own heritage from their heathen ways, by trying to gain protection for our own cream tea from the EU.  In much the same way that Mowbray pork pies must be of specific origin, the cream tea would have to be produced in Devon to be deserving of the name.

And it's not just a matter of county pride!  No, some so-called 'cream teas' produced in other areas of the country have even been made with squirty cream - sacrilege to those of us who know and love the genuine article.


And those dear, misguided folk in Cornwall don't even make the cream tea correctly.  Try as we might to show them the error of their ways from across the border, they insist on putting the jam on the scone, and hiding it with the cream.  Some say that this is an old tradition to hide ostentatious displays of wealth. When a cream tea is something to be celebrated!  Behold, the jam sitting like a glorious jewel atop its seat of cream!

Here at Devon Hampers, we are making a stand against sub-standard cream teas.  We are proud to offer cream tea hampers for all, delivered to your door, no matter where you may be in the country!  We even have a Christmas Cream Tea Hamper, another wonderful tradition, where instead of a scone the cream tea is taken with a mince pie.  And all of our Cream Tea Hampers feature locally renowned Langage Farm Clotted Cream, with 'proper' Scone Company Scones.

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Experience the cream tea as it was meant to be!  The Devon Way!  Brought to you by Devon Hampers.

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