Our Cream tea hampers and gift sets stock the best in West Country jams, scones and heavenly clotted cream, and pack them in with delights ranging from champagne to crunchy oat biscuits.

If receiving one of our Devonshire cream teas by post is a luxury you've not yet afforded yourself, now is your chance to indulge.

Alternately you can make your own cream tea hamper using our easy process Click here to get started

Although the ingredients are identical i.e. scones, strawberry jam, clotted cream and tea, the Devon cream tea differs from its Cornish cousin in that the cream is spread onto the scone and the jam sits proudly on top, while in the Cornish version the jam sits shyly beneath the cream (said by some to hide any ostentatious sign of wealth).

New evidence has come to light recently, that suggests the cream tea may well have originated around a thousand years ago in Tavistock, just a few miles from the home of Devon Hampers. Old manuscripts appear to suggest that the Benedictine monks of Tavistock Abbey fed local workers a meal of bread, strawberry preserve and clotted cream, a meal which was soon to be enjoyed by travellers and others right up to the present day.