When many think of Devon in winter, the first thought that comes to mind is often howling winds, rain and the occasional snow fall. But experiencing winter in Devon is actually more beautiful than many people give it credit for. There are many different areas and views in Devon that are seen as even more beautiful in the winter months than summer, with certain wildlife appearing and the mist settling as the temperature drops. Here at Devon Hampers we believe that Devon is the perfect place to experience beautiful scenery no matter what the time of year. Take a look at these 5 amazing winter views that will leave you speechless.


1. Brentor Church

Situated on an extremely steep hill deep into Dartmoor, Brentor Church looks like a scene from a Christmas card in the middle of winter. With views of the church looking out onto the vast wilderness of Dartmoor, one could easily lose themselves in this amazingly calming atmosphere. Perfect enjoyed during a winter walk.

2. Badgers Holt

Placed just up where the East and West Dart rivers meet, Badgers Holt is the perfect place to enjoy a relaxing winter in Devon. With the glistening river's waters bouncing off the array of boulders, and bridges that allow you to see far and wide, Badgers Holt definitely looks amazing in winter. Walk up and down the river and explore all that Dartmoor has to offer in this stunning setting.

3. Wembury Beach

Visit Wembury Beach and look out at the Mewstone during any Devon winter walk. With the crashing waves and the bright winter sun being mirrored off the sea, you can stare at this winter view for hours. A wonderful place to visit with the family.

4. Dartmouth

Full of little unique shops, Dartmouth really comes to life during winter, contrary to popular belief. Stroll along through the winding narrow streets of the town and look out at the River Dart as the boats go past. A great view to enjoy during the quieter months.

5. The Arundell Arms Hotel Grounds

The grounds at the fabulous Arundell Arms Hotel looks simply wonderful during the winter. No matter what the weather the picturesque scenery is stunning with plenty of wildlife to be seen.

Do you have any Devon views that are a must see during the winter? Let us know by messaging us on our Facebook page or tweet us @TheDevonHampers

Post By Lauren Smith

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