We love our proper Devon brands, and we do like to shout about them!

So we thought we'd give you an inside scoop on Langage Farm, the place where the Devonshire Clotted Cream contained in our hampers is made!

Langage Farm has been a working farm for over 900 years and is actually mentioned in the Doomsday Book.

Around 1980 the Harvey family started the traditional working farm along the track to diversification, turning the milk it produced into Devon Clotted Cream for a local shop for the first time.

The clotted cream produced by Langage Farm using traditional hand-crafted production methods was such a hit locally that since then the range has been increased to include:

  • No less than 30 flavours of lusciously creamy Ice Cream
  • A selection of 6 flavours of saintly 97% fat free Frozen Yoghurts
  • An impressive range of 9 tongue-teasing varieties of tangy Sorbets
  • 6 calorie-counting-tastic flavours of 97% fat free Yoghurts
  • Soft Cheese and Cottage Cheese in no fewer than 5 different types
  • And last but not least, an essential range of 6 types of cream, including the Clotted Cream that started it all.

Langage Farm now have their own shop in Plympton, solely devoted to selling their authentic, Devonshire dairy produce.  It can also be found in good supermarkets across not just the county, but countrywide too.  Not to mention that you can order it as a part of one of our delicious Devon Hampers, or individually from our Devon Produce section.

We are extremely proud to champion Devon Brands here at Devon Hampers, and extremely happy to be able to offer it to you to buy online at your convenience, wherever you are in the country.

Devon and Proud!

Post By Sadie

Sadie Woolcock

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