January can be rather a strange month. The festive period is over and as we enter a New Year, people often look for ways to get off to a good start with healthier living habits and new years resolutions. Veganuary has become a popular challenge in January with people following a vegan diet for the month. A great way to wind down after all of the indulgences from Christmas and a way to test out veganism for yourself.

What Is Veganuary?

Veganuary is a campaign that promotes and supports veganism, encouraging people to follow a vegan lifestyle for the month of January. It has become increasingly popular since it began back in 2014 and participants across the world join in. Anyone taking part in Veganuary aims to eat only vegan food (products that are not derived from animals) and where possible buy and use only vegan-friendly clothes, cosmetics and other household items.

More Than Just Food

Veganism is not just about diet. As mentioned above, vegans often avoid all animal products which is often driven by their compassion for the animals. There are a vast array of items including clothing, accessories, makeup and bathroom items that often contain animal products or are tested on animals. However, today there is much wider availability of alternative products. For those attempting Veganuary for the first time, you may like to start slow and focus on your diet but if you are up for the challenge then it’s worth considering any household products and everyday items you use also.

Benefits Of Veganuary

It may sound a little daunting and like a huge commitment, but trying out Veganuary can help you to start the New Year a little healthier and, following a vegan diet even just for a short period of time, offers a range of various benefits. 

  • Improved Sleep - The foods that we intake can have an impact on how we sleep that night.  Those following a plant based diet consisting of fruit, vegetables and legumes are more likely to sleep better because these food types are easier to digest.  
  • Weight Loss - By eating plant based, vegan friendly foods you will typically be consuming less calories without even realising it.  It may be easier to achieve a healthy body weight without having to watch what you eat.
  • Healthier Skin -  Fruit and vegetables contain plenty of vitamins and antioxidants which are all vital for healthy skin.  Dairy is often the culprit for skin problems so cutting it out could make your complexion glow.
  • Better Mood - Following a well planned vegan diet means you can obtain all of the nutrients that your body needs.  Research has shown that a vegan diet can lower blood pressure and cholesterol, both of which can help with mood.
  • Better For The Planet - Not only is a vegan diet good for you, it’s also more environmentally friendly.  It takes a lot less energy and farmland to provide for a vegan diet.  

Vegan Friendly Hampers, Food & Drink

Here at Devon Hampers, we are passionate about being able to supply gifts and hampers for everyone. This is why we stock a fantastic range of Vegan Food & Drink so that you can carefully select some of our fantastic and often local products to be added to a Create Your Own Hamper.  Or, if you’d prefer we have put together a hand packed Vegan Cream Tea hamper and The Vegan Treat Hamper to save you from the decision making.  What better way to brighten up someone’s January.

Vegan Cream Tea For Two

The Vegan Treat Hamper

Vegan Sausage Roll


Post By Kelly Trethewey

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