Guide to Devon Beers
Friday, 1st of August 2014

We all know that it’s pretty difficult to find a day on your calendar that isn’t declared a holiday of some sort.  With National Asparagus Month and Wrong Trousers Day (those are both real!) some of these can seem a bit, well, ridiculous.  The

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Devon Recipe of the Month: Devon Pasties
Monday, 28th of July 2014

An issue of serious contention here in the South West, is that of the ‘proper’ pasty.  With the Cornish across the border having their famous pasty, not only protected by the EU but easily recognised, it is often though that this is the only way to make

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8 Devon Castles You Need to Visit
Wednesday, 23rd of July 2014

The historical past of Great Britain is rich and full of great battles, grand fortifications and rich intrigue.  If there is a way to bring history to life for you and your children, then visiting a grandiose castle is definitely it.  Nothing allows

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Guide to Traditional Devon Tea Rooms
Wednesday, 9th of July 2014

Here in Britain we've always been famous for our love of a good cuppa.  But, have you noticed that this trait has gone rather upmarket of late? We're certainly not complaining!  But once we may have expected to be asked if we took sugar in our tea, these

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Wimbledon Tennis-Themed Hampers
Wednesday, 2nd of July 2014

Long warm days in the hazy sunshine, manicured green grass to sit on, when we get summer in England it is certainly a pleasant event!

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Stunning Cycling Routes in Devon
Thursday, 26th of June 2014

With the Tour de France about to start and the spell of lovely weather in Devon recently, cycling is our current obsession!  We can't wait to watch the Tour de France, especially with part of the cycle route taking part in the UK.  However, we can't

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