In the UK, Father’s Day falls on Sunday 20th June 2021 and it’s the day of the year when we can all celebrate and show appreciation for our Dad’s, Stepdads or the Father figure in our lives. 

Where Did Father’s Day Begin?

The history behind Father’s Day is somewhat modern compared to Mother’s Day which is a traditional Christian Holiday in the UK.  The British followed in America’s footsteps, celebrating on the third Sunday of June.

The very first father’s day happened in 1908 when a church in West Virginia held a special service to honour fathers after 362 men were killed in a mining accident.  The following year in 1909, a lady called Sonora Smart Dodd officially founded what we know as Father’s Day.  After attending church and hearing a sermon that recognised Mother’s day, Sonora felt passionate that fathers should be appreciated in a similar way.  She adored her own father and suggested his own birthday of June 5th to honour and celebrate the men; however, the Spokane Ministerial Alliance decided on the third Sunday in June instead.

On 19th June 1910, the first Father’s Day was celebrated.  The observance of this holiday faded in the 1920s, but not for long.  A presidential proclamation was signed in 1966 by the then President Johnson and later on in 1972 by President Nixon, that the third Sunday of June would become a permanent national observance of Father’s Day.

Father’s Day Around The World

Father’s day is celebrated on different dates depending on where you are in the world.

Spain, Portugal, Italy and Croatia observe Father’s Day on 19th March due to the connection with the Roman Catholic Feast Day of St Joseph. 

In Brazil, they celebrate on the second Sunday in August which was chosen to honour St Joachim, the father of Mary and the patron saint of fathers and grandfathers. 

Australia and New Zealand celebrate Father's Day on the first day of spring which falls on the first Sunday of September for them.  

Sweden, Iceland and Norway celebrate Fars Dog (Father’s Day) on the second Sunday in November.  This tradition was moved from June to help a slow economy during the month of November.  

Germany has combined Vatertag with Ascension Day which is a Christian holiday celebrated 40 days after Easter and always falls on a Thursday.  It is a national holiday that contributes to a four day weekend that is often filled with outdoor activities and plenty of beer!

Thailand honour Father’s Day on the 5th December on the late King Bhumibol’s birthday.  He was known as the Father of Thailand and so the country commemorates him and all fathers on the same day. 

Father’s Day Hampers

We continue to celebrate Father’s Day in the UK on the third Sunday in June and although it isn’t a public holiday, it’s still the day when most of us like to show appreciation for and spoil our own Dad.  Most people give Father’s Day cards and gifts, and whilst traditional gifts such as socks, ties or gardening tools are great, we think there’s no better gift than one of our Father’s Day Hampers.  Each hamper has been carefully hand picked and packed on our farm in Devon and is full of some of the best produce our fantastic region has to offer.  From pasties, pies and cider to beer, cream teas and a great choice of tasty treats.  If you can’t find what you are looking for, you could always Create Your Own Hamper here.

Devon Cheese and Cider Hamper

Dartmoor 2 Jail Ale and 2 Dartmoor Pies

Pate, Cheese & Wine Hamper

The Gluten Free Hamper

We wish all Fathers a very Happy Father's Day, from all at Devon Hampers.


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